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How To Write An English Essay: 5 Tips for Better Results

What makes an A-level paper? When it comes to AP English essays, quality can be gauged by the proper articulation of ideas and adherence to the academic essay tone and structure. 

The fact that you are reading this article is ample to show that you don’t intend to settle on a mediocre English essay. When it comes to legal essay writing, this service offers reliable support Their team of legal experts can help you navigate complex legal concepts and produce well-structured essays. Owing to your focus, on quality, we have gathered five tested tips to help you write an outstanding short English essay.

How to write an English essay

A lot of thought and consideration are needed to ensure a quality essay. Unfortunately, the tips to ensure a quality essay are unknown to many students. Here are some tips to help you overcome various essay writing stumbling blocks and to enjoy your essay writing process. 

  1. Understand and research your assignment

There are many types of essays you could be asked to write. These include persuasive essays, argumentative essays, and descriptive essays. Sometimes, the essay type may be indicated through the phrases used to cast your question. 

As such, consult your essay prompt to establish the type of essay you are required to write. Also, your prompt indicates the topic you are expected to cover in your work. Often, the topic is specified, saving you the agony of browsing various catalogues for the ideal English essay topic.

If the topic is not specified, search for various essay topics for English within the general essay idea. Finally, check the rules you have been guided to follow in editing your paper.

  1. Prepare an essay outline

A good English essay should have a smooth flow of ideas, transitioning from your rising action to the climax and finally to the conclusion. Other essays may start by highlighting the essay objectives to guide the discussion made within the body.

A standard English essay outline comprises the introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction should highlight the key idea/ purpose of your essay and highlight various considerations made in selecting the topic if necessary. An essay introduction should have a hook that highlights the subject of the topic and transitions to the key ideas of your paper. 

The body then expands on various ideas you have gathered to argue your point. The body paragraphs should contain a single idea and have a topic sentence, a supporting argument, and a conclusion. Also, use various transition words to connect ideas in your paper and give readers a smooth flow of arguments.

Finally, tie your ideas down in the conclusion by reiterating the major lesson/ idea uncovered in your essay. Some essays may also require recommendations and an acknowledgment of various limitations to be tackled in the conclusion.

  1. Start early

Besides the vast research, there are many elements to observe as you write an English extended essay. Rushing your paper may expose you to various errors and limit your essay score.

Ideally, start working on your essay early enough to afford ample time for research, writing, and editing. This approach also allows you to chunk your writing into small segments scheduled for various sessions.

This reduces the load per session, making it easier to overcome procrastination. Also, ensure that you schedule breaks in each session to recharge your focus and achieve the most productivity in each writing session.

  1. Editing your paper

Before turning in your paper to the tutor, check the referencing, flow, and rules within your essay prompt. When editing your paper, set multiple editing sessions with each session dedicated to addressing one type of error.

This allows you to nip various issues that would easily escape your radar if you were to edit your paper in one sitting. We also recommend that you use various tools to tackle the issues you might have omitted, ensuring a quality score.

If you are limited with time or have too many assignments to cater to, consider delegating the editing to an expert. This will allow you to focus on other portions of the essay and ensure that you tackle original claims in your essay.

  1. Consult your peers

The DIY mentality can only go so far. If you are stuck with various aspects of your essay topic, consult peers for suggestions on how you can surmount various stumbling blocks. 

Consultation not only exposes other perspectives for your arguments but also helps you recognize your errors and fix them. Consulting peers during topic selection also helps you determine the feasibility of your outline and provides ample feedback to tackle various loopholes in your argument.

Final take

An English essay should not always cause you to suffer headaches. These tips should come in handy to help you have an enjoyable essay writing experience. We also recommend that you peruse various examples of English essays to accustom yourself to the style you ought to follow when writing your essay.