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Top 9 Tips for Writing an Opinion Essay

Top 9 Tips for Writing an Opinion Essay

How should I write an opinion essay? This is a common question as opinion essays are a staple for AP essays and compositions. Although the opinion essay may seem challenging at first, mastery of the language and purpose of your paper can ensure a quality essay.

This article will discuss various tips and tricks to ease your opinion essay writing experience and secure a decent score. 

What is an opinion essay?

Put simply, an opinion essay is a piece of writing purposed to express your opinions regarding a topic. For this, you should defend your standpoint with ample support, making your stand clear to the reader. 

The essay may also address opposing opinions and show their inconsistencies, expelling any doubts a reader may have regarding a topic. 

How to write an opinion essay

Writing opinion essays should not be a cause for anxiety. Taking a proper approach to opinion essay writing helps prepare an outstanding paper without compromising your comfort. When going about your opinion essay:

  1. Brainstorm

After receiving your essay prompt, think about your stand on the topic. For instance, if you were dealing with the topic: Is homework necessary for students? start by thinking of your standpoint concerning the topic. 

Why do you believe that it is necessary? Jot down the ideas you have to justify your stand and use these ideas as inspiration for your research efforts. This helps ensure the originality of your paper while giving you an easier time expressing your ideas. 

  1. Research

After jotting down your essay questions, research various arguments that have been made regarding your topic. Equivalently, search for credible sources that support your opinions. 

Research not only yields support for your claims but also exposes you to various opposing arguments you should address. This allows you to plan the structure of your paper and show a reader that your opinion is well-informed and free of bias. 

  1. Outline

An opinion essay outline is a great tool that helps develop your arguments. After research, sort your ideas and group those that are related to each other. 

Next, plan how you will present your ideas within various paragraphs to have a smooth flow. When writing your draft, reference claims properly to gauge the arguments that could use extra research. 

  1. Draft

Finally, write your paper with the guidance of your outline. Be keen to express opinions confidently. Also, ensure that your paper has all essential essay parts and communicates your thoughts. 

  1. Edit

Before turning your paper in, check for various errors which could limit the readability of your work or dilute your opinions. You may consider using expert services to ensure a quality paper worthy of a good grade. 

How to state your opinion in an essay

Some of the phrases to use when stating your opinion in an essay include:

  • In my opinion… 
  • I believe that…
  • In my mind…
  • Although (opposing opinion), I believe that (your opinion)
  • It is known that…
  • Although… 
  • To sum up…

Structure of an opinion essay

What are the key elements of opinion writing? The opinion essay follows the standard 5-paragraph essay format comprising an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. 

The introduction should carry a hook to grab a reader’s attention and highlight the relevance of your opinion. An opinion essay introduction should also present some background information and carry a thesis statement. This statement gives the reader a gist of your stand concerning a topic.

The body section carries three or more paragraphs carrying an individual opinion. Your ideas should be connected and highlight your key standpoint. Also, use ample transitions within your paragraphs to guide the reader through your arguments. 

Your conclusion finally gives a summary of your standpoint. You may also show how various counterarguments are misplaced and recommend various changes based on your opinion. 

Tips for writing an opinion essay

  1. Avoid unnecessary phrases as these may dilute the point you wish to pass along. Ideally, your paper should highlight your arguments in a manner that a reader can easily follow and confirm your opinions.
  2. Prepare an outline of your arguments to gauge the completeness of your paper and reshuffle various paragraphs for the optimal flow of your ideas. 
  3. Reference various statistics and quotes used within your work, allowing your reader to gauge the credibility of various claims within your essay
  4. Sort your opinions out in a logical sequence to guide a reader through your logic and ensure that they clearly understand the basis of your opinion.
  5. Be confident in your writing. By this, we mean that you don’t make excuses for your opinion but rather argue your stand out based on the available sources. Also, avoid arguing the weaknesses of opposing arguments and instead show the strengths of your standpoint. This approach helps overcome criticism as a reader can better gauge the logic behind your opinions and check for weaknesses. 
  6. Use expressions when stating your opinions to achieve a smooth transition between arguments and differentiate facts from claims. 
  7. Do ample research to gain an understanding of various forces that influence your topic. This will help you align your arguments to the relevant facts and to justify various claims you’ve made within your paper.
  8. Present your opinions on a topic within the body. Refrain from the urge to share facts in the body and close off with the opinion in the conclusion as this defies the whole purpose of your paper. 
  9. Avoid passionate arguments as these may weaken your argument making your paper appear biased. 

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